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A palette full of bright colours and pictures ready to be coloured are waiting for you...

Children can enjoy colouring in with the skillfully designed palette full of bright coloured crayons. They will have the opportunity to explore colours and broaden their creativity.


Learn the name of the musical instruments and listen to the sounds they make!

This is an application designed for young children to discover music… They can listen to the sounds of musical instruments, learn their names and expand their vocabulary. A great opportunity to socialize within the family through music!


Bubu at the Museum


Chase the ladybug, the butterfly, and the car. Let’s see if you can catch them all!

A great application to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination… Let them run around the screen and you try to catch! Grownups will have as much fun as the kids...


Scratch the surface and see what is hidden underneath!

Colourful illustrations of the cute animals like the parrots and butterflies are hidden, ready to be found. Children will get excited when the pictures are revealed, and develop their sense of patience at the same time.


Connect the dots and find the hidden picture...

The modern version of a classic puzzle “Connect the dots!” offers the opportunity to develop the child’s visual perception skills through a fun and engaging activity.


Numbers, Shapes, Colours and more in this game!

From drawing pictures to finding and matching objects… There are six different and fun games for children age +2 to develop fine motor skills, number recognition and replication, counting, finding and matching. Save your child's artwork to your photos.

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